titlesWith an emphasis on historically-driven fiction, the works of Robert Allen Johnson span multiple genres. From Ancient Rome and War/Military, to Mystery, Suspense, and Fantasy, there is something for nearly every type of reader.

WRAITH (Empire and The Hand, Book 1)


My latest work will take the reader on a heart-breaking journey through the regrets, failures, and sins of two haunted, troubled men. Set in a war-torn, ravaged land controlled by emissaries of a distant, dominant king, Wraith is a suspenseful mystery that strikes hard, moves fast, and rarely grants the reader a moment of peace.

Wraith is available now in print and digital and will be available in audiobook format in early 2016.



The book that started it all, Rising Sun is the first chapter of the MAGNUS trilogy and recounts the early years of one of history’s most famous men: Gnaeus Pompey Magnus. An Amazon best-seller, Rising Sun has become a must-have novel for fans of Ancient Rome, historical fiction, and fast-paced character-driven tales.

Rising Sun is available now in print and digital.



The followup to Rising Sun, Amazon best-seller Triumphator recounts the middle years of Pompey the Great’s incredible rise to fame and prominence. From the streets of Rome, fields of Hispania, pirate-infested Mediterranean, and crumbling walls of Judea, Triumphator is a quick-moving historical adventure through victory and defeat, triumph and sadness.

Triumphator is available now in print and digital.



Untold Stories is a collection of ten short stories centered on various characters found in Rising Sun. From Marcus Cicero, Quintus Hortensius, Marcus Crassus, Cornelius Sulla, Philip the slave, and many more, Untold Stories is an exciting, frequently humorous companion-piece to Rising Sun.

Untold Stories is now available for digital pre-order.


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