Wraith (Empire and The Hand) -Robert Allen Johnson

Fantasy Book Reviews.

Where do I start with this one? What an amazing read. Wraith (Empire and The Hand), written by Robert Allen Johnson was engrossing from beginning to chilling end. It stands as a testament to Johnson that I, a Christmas nut, couldn’t stand not to finish it on Christmas Eve. Anyway, onto the review!

Johnson manages to craft one of the most detailed worlds I think I’ve ever encountered, and that’s not small feat.
The sheer amount of detail can be a little daunting at first, however, you should not let that put you off. Instead, Johnson should be commended on his efforts. Once I surrendered myself to the rich tapestry of a world that Johnson has carefully crafted to fulfill every one of your senses, I couldn’t pull myself away.

The novel follows the tragic first chapters of two very different characters, Tiro and Arach.
Tiro is the angsty…

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