Wraith: Book Cover Brainstorming Process


The many steps involved in a book’s publication are quite numerous. Now that the insides of Wraith are (for the most part) behind me, I wanted to move on to a step that requires my input but is handed off to a more qualified person: the cover design.

While the image above is certainly not the final image, it was a design I came up with this past Sunday while watching a painfully embarrassing game between the Dallas Cowboys and Atlanta Falcons. I had basically given up on a Cowboys victory and chose instead to move on to more important, pressing matters.

I created the image in one of my favorite apps Pixlr. Before its creation, I threw a very different one together as a warm up:


There were some themes I liked in this one but felt it didn’t convey the much-needed mystery of the first image above. Chances are, you’ll see a cover more akin to the image at the top of the page as opposed to the green and red hand.

Once I had thrown the second image together, I asked myself, “What’s a great tagline/quote that pairs well with the image? What’s a short, memorable phrase that readers can grab hold of and get excited about? I came up with this:


Simple, straightforward, mysterious. I’m sure the final image will change over the next couple of weeks, but this is the foundation for the cover’s inspiration. Stay tuned for more!


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